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Leading Job Site in the US Achieves Uplift in Deliverability and Engagement with Netcore

Our deliverability team helped the brand with 23% Increase in Inbox Placement Rate, 42% Uplift in Open rates, and Quick Scale-up.

How Canon Increased Email Campaign Open Rates with Netcore

10.6% lift in Open Rates, 9.3% lift in Click Rates. Canon also reported 90% successful campaigns using Netcore’s AI-powered Email Delivery Solution.

World’s 3rd Largest Hotel Chain Achieves a 2x Increase Customer Engagement with Netcore

2x higher deliverability and CTR 94%+ Inboxing rate with high inboxing to Gmail and a significant surge in hotel bookings. Optimizes their Email Marketing Program with Netcore

26% jump in Open Rates
Sustained the primary inboxing
Netcore team helped the brand with better inboxing and excellent open and click rates on their emails.

Pocket Testament League Attains 98.7% Inboxing Rates with Netcore

In this case study, PTL – a non-profit Christian organization” faced challenges with email deliverability. Know how the Netcore team…

Diamond Candles Increase their Revenue by 100% with Netcore Partnership

Netcore helped the company resolve their deliverability issues and give their email program a fresh start.

A1 Supplements Increase their Email Open Rates by 100% with Netcore

Key Achievements : Lifted Open Rates by 100% Increased deliverability with 93%+ Inboxing rate across ISPs 2X opens for high volume campaigns Improv...

How a Leading Under-Fashion Brand Increased Website Conversions by 200% with Netcore’s Personalized Boutiques

Key Achievements: 200% Increase in website conversions 65% CTR via banner image on home page 16X Uplift in ROI

Leading E-commerce Unicorn delivers 95% of emails under 4 seconds

Key Achievements: Over 95% of all emails from largest marketplace unicorn are delivered in just 4 sec or under E-mail delivery throughput stands at...