Tackle Use Cases Specific to Every Stage of Your Customer Journey

Encourage New Users to Make a Purchase, Faster!

  • Improve product discovery by valuing search inputs & offering personalized recommendations
  • Customize user onboarding & drive new feature or trending offer discovery with contextual app walkthroughs

Reduce Abandoned Carts While Increasing Checkouts

  • Direct users to exactly what they want – faster – with relevant product recommendations, powered by AI
  • Trigger personalized multi-channel “reminder-to-complete transaction” campaigns to bring back users exactly where they dropped-off

Use Personalized Recommendations to Improve Cross-Sell/Upsell Strategies

  • Embrace the power of AI to offer predictive product recommendations & bundles that related to their cart or wishlist
  • Trigger post-purchase recommendation & replenishment campaigns over email & app push notifications

Drive Brand Loyalty While Amplifying User Retention

  • Understand exactly WHY users retain or uninstall your mobile app while guiding them on the ideal path to conversion
  • Use advanced behavioral analytics & ML models to predict, arrest, & reduce user churn with re-engagement campaigns

Optimize the Shopping Experience, Constantly

  • Trigger user rating campaigns or qualitative surveys to gather real-time customer feedback
  • Re-engage relevant user segments with winback campaigns that bring them back to your website or nudge them to reinstall your app

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