Users through Personalised Broadcasts and Triggered Emails

Effortlessly automate the delivery of highly personalised email content relevant to identified customer segments on the basis of their historical behaviour, using a variety of default templates. Orchestrate emails triggered by customer actions in real-time. Simple enough? It is!


High Open and Click Rates through the Power of AI/ML

Harness the power of AI/ML using Smartech’s advanced targeting features to make your email campaigns more effective by optimising your subject lines and send times. Spend more time on science-backed marketing strategy, and not intuition, to get the most out of your campaigns!

Do More

with Advanced Customer Segmentation

Drive hyper-personalisation at scale by creating precise segments through complex rules based on your customers’ responses to previous multi-channel campaigns. Identify micro-segments based on parameters of your choice to laser-focus your targeting even further.


Creativity into your Campaigns with Customised Templates

Design your emails with ease, using an extensive gallery of pre-defined templates or a simple-to-use Drag and Drop Editor. Check the efficacy of multiple versions with A/B Testing to hit upon the optimal design and layout! Create, experiment, test, and execute!


Performance through Intelligent Reports and Interactive Dashboards

Gain a comprehensive understanding of every email campaign that you run with a host of data-rich metrics such as open rates, optimal days and times, campaign trends, etc. that become your single source of truth on marketing performance. Gauge, learn, and pivot to maximise your ROI.