AI-Powered Email Delivery for increased engagement and better conversions

  • Optimize subject lines for clicks and accurately track their performance
  • Time your emails, follow up, and re-target by analyzing customer browsing habits and preferences
  • Enable Predictive Analysis through AI and determine the nature of future engagement based on past conversions

Actionable Analytics for Email Intelligence

  • Use dashboard data for changing metrics over time
  • Use Email Conversion tracking to realize ROI
  • Turn all informative measurement to action

Email APIs for seamless connectivity with your apps or platforms

  • Integrate and deliver Emails with our API in less than 3 minutes.
  • Leverage extra capabilities through our email platform's programmatic features
  • Get access to Template APIs and reduce payload size and redundancy
  • Real-time and offline tracking of all email activities via webhooks

Inboxes within 2.6s Lightning Fast Delivery

  • Seamlessly transfer your Emails at lightning speeds
  • Simple to set up and configure
  • Easily send large sums of emails to your subscribers

Consulting Service by Email Experts to Improve Deliverability

  • Hassle-free set-up of our AI-Powered email delivery solutions
  • Implement effective and correct email practices for successful inboxing with higher engagement

24x7 Best-In-Class Support by Highly Capable and Efficient Team

  • White Glove Services to ensure ensures smooth on-boarding & customer delight
  • "Best support" Awardee by G2 based on our customers grading and ranking