Netcore high performer winter 2020

Companies need faster and smarter email communication across teams and with customers if they hope to stay nimble and competitive. Assurance of your emails getting delivered most efficiently is of utmost importance to any business.

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This is a reason why Netcore’s Email Deliverability product “Pepipost” has been named “High Performer” in Winter 2020 by G2. But we did not stop here – in addition to being the high performer, we also achieved “User Most Likely to be Recommended”, “Easiest to Use”, “Fastest Implementation” and “Easiest Admin”.

Netcore earned these accolades by G2 in its transactional email software category based on inputs from real users. We’re delighted that marketeers using Netcore’s email delivery product at work have rated it exceptionally high for ease of use, fastest implementation and customer support.

We at Netcore truly believe that the value of our products to companies will only expand further. With more pressure on businesses to deliver better and achieve faster, Our AI-based email delivery will be the right fit. It allows businesses to save 50% of the cost on their ESP bills.

Netcore is quite aware that email gets considered as communication only when it is read by the right customer at the right time. Hence, Netcore goes beyond inbox placement rate, lightning-fast delivery of 2.6sec, minimum 15% increase in email open rates for businesses and much more.

Netcore understands that today’s marketeers work against time and cannot afford to shift from one platform to another to avoid downtime, which is why Netcore designed world’s only email switcher for seamlessly replacing any other email delivery system.

This recognition from G2 is incredibly exciting for the Netcore’s team, as it further validates the development of our product, as well as Netcore’s authoritative position in AI-powered Email Solution. We are truely grateful to G2 for helping us connect with our real customers who not only provides amazing reviews and feedbacks to us but also openly vouch for Netcore products. This definitely helps buyers go beyond the conventional choices.

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Congratulations to Netcore Solutions Email Deliverability product Pepipost for being named the “Most Likely To Be Recommended” in G2’s Transactional Email Category. But they did not stop there – in addition to being the most recommended, they also achieved, Easiest to Use, Fastest Implementation, Easiest Admin. Not an easy feat in a competitive category. Amazing results.
Chris Perrine
VP – G2

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Tara McAdams Digital Media & Marketing Manager,

With Netcore, we have seen a significant increase with our email open rate. Our open rate with our last email marketing tool was 12-18%. Our new range is 17-25% with an average of a 19.2% email open rate. Amazing! Netcore promised a higher open rate than what we had seen in the past, and they have delivered on that promise

Scott Wolf CEO, ArcaMax Publishing

The Pepipost team is terrific; we have excellent communication. They are really smart and extremely adept at helping with configurations. We view them as an important ally.

Adam W CEO, Jade Bloom INC.

Pepipost is better than Mailchimp and others we tried. The delivery rate with Pepipost is higher than any other 3rd party email senders we tried.

Kalyn CooperEmail Marketing Specialist & Office Manager (Connected Investors)

We migrated over to Smartech as we were outgrowing our previous ESP and needed to be able to send more emails at a faster speed. Their expert consultancy has helped ensure that our Gmail inboxing, IP reputation and domain are healthy and in good standing. The advanced segmentation, send-time optimization, reporting, and other features are incredible.

Alexander Joseph
Head of Copy, PaperclipDigital

The best solution for transactional emails! Couldn't be happier with the service. We use Pepipost for sending transactional emails and have consistently received great delivery rates at affordable prices.

Thang Pham
Director, Samsung Vina Electronic

A great product. Pricing is very competitive. Compare to MailChimp, this product is cheaper. It provides WebHook capability, which is really beneficial.

Kamran S

``The best support and service guys.``
Best ever support and services, very responsive and quick. Package setup within minutes, Site is really user-friendly and it is easy to navigate.

Jason Marzetti
Remote Operations Centre Manager,

One of the best SMTP relay services I have ever used. Pepipost support is quick and great!

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