Why Choose Netcore
for Email

AI-Powered Campaigns

Higher Engagement by enabling Predictive Analysis through AI and determine the nature of future engagement based on past conversions

Advanced Customer Segmentation & RFM Modeling

Intel for Targeted and Personalized Email Campaign to achieve better results

Subject Line Optimization

Sentiment Analysis & Prediction for email and meta tag suggestions

Send Time Optimization Algorithm

Connect at right time to right person using historic behaviour & ensure better open rates

White Glove Services & 24x7 Support

Our experience staff ensures smooth on-boarding & customer delight

Actionable Analytics

Real-time dashboard with intelligent reporting

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Global office presence
World's only email switcher

Why Choose Netcore
for Omnichannel Personalization

AI-Powered Recommendations

Suggest relevant products in real-time based on behavioral predictions

Conversion Cycle Optimization

Personalize the entire customer journey across all digital touchpoints

Rule-Based Individualization

Customize based on gender, geolocation, & CTAs to tailor-make experiences

Performance Reporting

Measure conversion uplifts with advanced A/B testing within 5 weeks of integration

The E-Commerce Marketers Guide to Deep Personalization

Don’t take our word for it?

World's best email delivery service with top email deliverability rate


World's best Email service provider with high email deliverability


World's best ESP


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We have looked for years, and wasted many thousands of dollars, hoping to find a company like Netcore. We have been blown away on a weekly basis by Netcore's responsiveness, knowledge, creative solutions, and yes, help with deliverability. Netcore not only helped us refine our list but also with understanding our analytics, boosting open rates, and preparing us to take advantage of Netcore's expertise in messaging on platforms beyond email as our member outreach expands. Creative COW is growing again, and we see Netcore as one of our most important partners.

— Tim Wilson      Editor-in-Chief Creative COW

With Netcore, we have seen a significant increase with our email open rate. Our open rate with our last email marketing tool was 12-18%. Our new range is 17-25% with an average of a 19.2% email open rate. Amazing! Netcore promised a higher open rate than what we had seen in the past, and they have delivered on that promise

— Tara McAdams      Digital Media & Marketing Manager, SignUp.com

Our experience with the previous vendor SendGrid had been less than ideal. We wanted more from our email service provider. Netcore monitors our deliverability and proactively reach out to us to alert us when they see something happening that might affect deliverability, and more importantly, they recommend best email practices. The service level from the Netcore team is unprecedented from tech companies. I highly recommend you consider Netcore for your email delivery.

— Chris Taft      Senior Director of Marketing Pocket Testament League

Team Netcore is terrific; we have excellent communication. They are really smart and extremely adept at helping with configurations. We view them as an important ally.

— Scott Wolf      CEO, ArcaMax Publishing

Netcore is better than Mailchimp and others we tried. The delivery rate with Netcore is higher than any other 3rd party email senders we tried.

— Adam Wilkinson      CEO, Jade Bloom INC.

We migrated over to Netcore as we were outgrowing our previous ESP and needed to be able to send more emails at a faster speed. Their expert consultancy has helped ensure that our Gmail inboxing, IP reputation and domain are healthy and in good standing. The advanced segmentation, send-time optimization, reporting, and other features are incredible.

— Kalyn Cooper      Office Manager Connected Investors & Email Marketing Strategist

One of the best SMTP relay services I have ever used. Netcore support is quick and great!

— Jason Marzetti      Remote Operations Centre Manager,F12.net

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